Ahead Of Tomorrow’s One Year Anniversary Bash, A Thank You From Bar Chord


christy and jonny at bar chord
A year ago last night, we were meeting neighbors and having our first drink at the opening night of Bar Chord (1008 Cortelyou Road between Stratford Road and Coney Island Avenue). Before their all day anniversary “feastival” tomorrow–more on that below–we asked owners Christy and Jonny Sheehan to share a little about their first 12 months in business.

“It’s been exactly one year since we opened the doors at Bar Chord, and we’d like to thank everyone in the neighborhood and beyond for the love and support we received in our first year,” says Christy.”It’s been such a privilege to get to know so many fantastic new people, which is by far the greatest thing about owning Bar Chord.

“It has always been a dream to have a place where we could share our love of music, and it’s been amazing to see and hear the high caliber of musicians that have come through our doors. From Dub Step, to Japanese Gypsy Rock, to Zydeco and Salsa, we aim to keep an interesting mix of music on our little stage heading into year two.

“And beyond the music, we look forward to giving folks the chance to kick back and hang out for many years to come. Our backyard mural by Juan Carlos Pinto featuring the faces of Bar Chord, Flatbush and the great music diaspora is nearing completion, so don’t forget to check that out on your next visit.

“And finally our staff, Audrey, Augustine, Djani, Dylan, and Lindsey deserve a special shout out for their general awesomeness; we couldn’t have done it without them. We hope to see many of you this Saturday.”

Curious what tomorrow will bring? Besides a whole lot of BBQ in the bar’s backyard smoker, here’s what revelers can look forward to:

Congratulations to Jonny, Christy, and Bar Chord’s staff on a wonderful first year!

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