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Aggressive Cat Causing Problems On 16th Street


cat fight

Collapsed buildings aren’t the only thing plaguing 16th Street lately. According to a flier posted on the block, there’s a “large, lean dark grey cat” roaming the area and bullying both felines and humans alike.

“Your cat comes to my yard all the time,” the note said, “and has attacked my cats in my yard on many occasions! It hisses and snarls at me when I go into my own yard and he is there.”

Are aggressive cats, feral or otherwise, common in the area? Our cat was an indoor cat, but for those of you who let your pets outside, what are some issues (if any) that you’ve had with their safety in the neighborhood?

On the flip side, if you knew your cat was the aggressor, would you continue to let them out?

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  1. I posted this flyer. I have lived here for over 10 years and never had this problem before. So far, the owner/cat have not been identified, and most, if not all, of the flyers have been taken down by an unknown party. I wish this was from the Onion….then my $500 & counting vet bill wouldn’t be real either.

  2. I’m sorry that people made fun of your attempts to reach a civil solution to this cat problem. Civility is not the way people deal with each other these days, and that is sad. At least you tried to negotiate rather than threaten to maim or kill the offending cat.
    We have a mean kitty at our house and we finally got him to stay in. It’s best for everyone. Try carrying a squirt gun filled with vinegar and water. Hope you can get this worked out, and THANK YOU for being civil about it.

  3. Patricia- TRY BEING A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER AND KEEP YOUR CAT INSIDE THE HOUSE… NO-ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOU WHINE ABOUT VET BILLS. How much does it cost you treat him for all the parasites that he gets outside on a regular basis? What if he gets FIV/FeLV? Even IF you vaccinated him against FIV/FelV, it’s not 100% and IF someone takes him, he will test positive for FIV/FeLV IF he received the vaccine. If he ended up at ACC, his future is not pretty!! Why are there so many ignorant irresponsible pet owners in NYC?

  4. It’s interesting that you chose to delete my post. Just proves that no-one wants to hear the hard truth. Patricia, like this story is pathetic. I wish reporters could educate themselves before printing a story.

  5. Who are you and how do you know my name? (I actually have a pretty good idea who you are.) I am not whining about my vet bills, just stating a truth, an inconvenient one for my wallet at that. You know about those things don’t you? I am responsible so don’t presume to know anything about me. The cat I posted about was coming to my yard. I believe I am allowed to let my cats go out into my own yard without having to worry about it and that doesn’t mean I am irresponsible. And why do you care about this so much? It doesn’t concern you. You are just being a loudmouthed bully for attacking me without any full knowledge of me of this situation so just mind your own business.

  6. Thank you for your note. As you can see by another reply, civility is indeed rare. I would never ever think of hurting the other cat. That’s not the kind of person I am or would ever want to be.

  7. Dear Ms or Mr Inconvenient, A CAT has every right to take the air and sun in HIS OWN YARD. It sounds like this Lady is a very responsible guardian who allows her cat to be outside only when it is *supervised*.
    We live in an area with owls, eagles, foxes and coyotes that come in our farm yard, yet 3 of our cats go out on a daily basis, watched over by an armed human. Our 4th cat is prone to escape and loves to fight (even after losing a fight with a raccoon) so he no longer has privileges, and goes out only if he is in the KittyWalk enclosure.
    I agree with you that a guardian must keep up with flea drops, shots, etc and that is especially important for cats that go outside. It is expensive but worth it, so that we can enjoy the great outdoors with our cat companions.
    This Lady was doing her best to work something out in a civil manner with an unknown neighbor. She was not suing for vet bills, but trying to work out a reasonable accommodation. I suspect the offender cat is unneutered and it is that cat’s owner
    who deserves your scorn.
    If all friendly attempts failed, I would trap the offender-cat and take him in for a neutering myself, and then return him. When civil remedies fail, we find our own. That’s why civility is so important.
    I once had to resort to posting Fliers to find the owner of a roving goat, and *not one neighbor was HOSTILE to me about it.* I got many calls and located the goat’s owner and ended up giving him a second goat, because he did not understand a single goat gets lonely and will relentlessly seek her own kind. We worked it out in a friendly way. I guess that is a big difference between country folks that have enough space and city people who do not.

  8. Lack of civility is at the root of the problems we have in our nation’s capital and too many are following their lead. I cherish every sign of civility that I run across. A return to kind discourse is essential if we care about anything at all.
    I hope your cat is well and that things work out with your neighbors. I would not blame you if you trapped the mean guy and took him to be neutered (if that is the issue.) Best wishes!

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