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After Sandy’s Devastation, Senator Golden Wants Gerritsen Beach Reclassified As Zone A


The following is a press release from State Senator Marty Golden:

Brooklyn- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) yesterday issued a request to Commissioner Joseph Bruno of the New York City Office of Emergency Management, asking that Brooklyn’s Gerritsen Beach neighborhood, that he represents in the New York State Senate, be reclassified as a Zone A for evacuation declarations.

Senator Golden’s request is that the Office of Emergency Management immediately conduct the necessary review in order that a formal change from a Zone B to a Zone A for flooding evacuation purposes be implemented.

Senator Golden wrote, “Gerritsen Beach suffered severe flooding as a result of an unusual high tide during Hurricane Sandy with almost all homes being affected. In fact, some homes were flooded at the first floor and numerous rescues had to be undertaken by first responders, and sadly a death did occur.”

Senator Golden continued, “Frankly if not for the heroic efforts of the City’s emergency responders and the Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Corps, more lives may very well have been lost.”

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  1. It’s a little late now eh? Or is this for insurance purposes? I know a few people got boned out there…but on the bright side, there were no “Kids from Gerritsen beach are monsters on Halloween” stories this year 😛

  2. I can understand WHY Gerritson Beach should be reclassified, but in regards to insurance, won’t that make it more DIFFICULT & COSTLY to get insurance? I had a hell of a time securing renters insurance about 4 yrs ago, because I was told I was in a flood zone; back then I thought that laughable, ad I’d never heard of Sheepshead Bay flooding. My, how that perspective has changed.

    Anyhow, while I finally did procure insurance, it wasn’t easy. Mind you, this was just renters insurance, NOT homeowners, and this was prior to Irene and Sandy. I just can’t imagine how rezoning evacuation zones post Sandy will positively affect the ability to insure one’s home, affordably.

  3. would rezoning influence folks in gerritsen to evacuatek? truthfully, many would of still stayed and will this influence their prepartion? I think not. I personally live in zone b and never doubted if i would escape damage. zone destination didn’t matter in this storm. seriously, you need a zone destination to influence your decision to evac or plan? use your head ppl


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