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After 40 Years, Kings County Divers On Avenue U Closes Up Shop



Kings County Divers Corp. at 2417 Avenue U is closed for good after 40 years of serving the Sheepshead Bay diving community.

According to the business’ website, the store closed for good on February 28 following a clearance sale.

“Your continued patronage to our company has been truly appreciated, and we are so grateful for having the privilege of satisfying your needs as our loyal customer. We do understand that the closing of Kings County Divers may be an inconvenience,” owner Mia Interrante wrote in the statement.

No reason for the closure was given. A Kings County Divers Alumni Association was launched on Facebook to keep the business’ diving community intact.

Good luck to the owners on their future endeavors.

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  1. I don’t know whether or not Divers owned the building, but the rise in rents has driven so may small businesses out of business. The number of vacancies on Ave. U is troubling–and what’s with the VERY long time vacancy of former Richard Yee’s restaurant?

  2. While you make some valid points here, I think there are other factors in the mix. As a fisherman, who has fished from our glorious Sheepshead Bay Charters, and Party Boats for many years, I speak to the few Captains still around, quite often. They tell me they are just not seeing the crowds that once were…Except for maybe a few Poles, of the few Poles we have, who Scuba dive, the many new Chinese, and eastern Slavs, we have, are just not into fishing! I see that myself, when I go out. I have more deck room than I ever had, to fight the fish. Therefore, it’s a significant demographic change that is presenting itself, too!!!

  3. I agree Edward. That space has been vacant for years. Further up the block with captain video has been vacant even longer. Lots of longtime places closing up, We lost zig zag and now the diving shop yet a dunkin donuts opened up in close proximity to these. It’s sad to see so many places we are familiar with going away in favor of the big chains in some cases. There just something about a long time “mom and pop” type place that feels homely.

  4. It is my understanding that Captain Video isn’t actually vacant. I heard from a few people that the entire block is owned by a shipping company (their sign hangs in the window of the old furniture store next to Capt. Video). As they bought up properties they just never renovated the store fronts. I don’t know the current situation but their trucks were in and out of the back of those stores for years.
    What is the deal with Richard Yee’s though?

  5. Sad to hear Divers not around. I took the class about 25 years ago and now wanted my son to get certified to find out KC divers is shut down

  6. I got certified there. And honestly, I am not very surprised about it closing. Owners treated you like they are doing you a favor for being there. Prices set in stone and they won’t budge even a cent. If you even hint on buying even smallest thing not from them, you will be public enemy #1 there. On my way to certification in Montauk, I got yelled at by owner for being 15 minutes late, because I had car trouble.

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