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Adopt Cats Saved From Q Gardens


kitten via Sophie Gamand
Recently, the folks at Q Gardens asked neighbors for some assistance with trap, neuter, and release efforts as well as for medical and shelter bills for a number of stray cats living in and around their E 18th Street plot–but it seems a few of the felines in question are now ready to face life off of the streets.

Neighbor Elizabeth Champ wrote us about the group’s collaboration with neighbor Barbara Rosen (sometimes known as Barbara the Cat Lady), who is providing temporary homes for kittens Remus and Romulus and the ever-handsome and resilient Morris.

morris the cat via Sophie Gamand
“He was living in the colony, but clearly was a companion pet in some past life,” Elizabeth says of Morris. “He was extremely ill with a respiratory infection and barbed wire embedded in his leg– but even that couldn’t keep him from being friendly and sweet as sugar. Now he is all healthy and ready for his own residence with a lap to curl into.”

kitten via Sophie Gamand
As for Remus and Romulus, who will ideally find a home together, Elizabeth says, “They are seven weeks old, and playful and sweet! They were found in a basement where a super gave us an hour to get them. We swooped in, and the cuteness just kept coming.”

Elizabeth says that in addition to the babes above, more locally-sourced kittens should be up on Barbara’s site in the near future. If you’re interested in adopting a Q Gardens cutie, contact barbrose@optonline.net–and to help with Q Gardens’ continued TNR efforts, contact qgardensinfo@gmail.com or donate to their gofundme campaign.

All photos by Sophie Gamand/Striking Paws Photography

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  1. my dad feeds the cats on 18th, every morning…he’s been feeding them at 4:30am, for the last 27 years! he was looking for the missing ones.

  2. I hope your dad wasn’t worried! There are many people who feed the cats on 18th… These are lucky cats. We have been getting them vetted and spay/neutered, bit by bit. Hopefully next year at this time there won’t be the same influx of kittens– cute as they are!

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