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Accident On Hampton Avenue In Manhattan Beach


It’s not that often an accident this bad happens in Manhattan Beach and it’s not on Oriental Boulevard or Shore Boulevard. It’s like Hampton Avenue is the littlest sister, striving to compete but grossly mismatched.

Today it made a mark. Reader Rachel T. wrote in to tell us about a crash at Hampton Avenue and Beaumont Street at around 8:00 a.m. It looks like the car above collided with a silver Nissan. Rachel writes:

Thankfully everyone is ok it seems even a pedestrian who was walking just inches away. But I can’t say the same for the cars, they’re smashed pretty bad … Hopefully there is something we can do like ask for stop signs all along Hampton ave for this isn’t the first time this happened.

Lady, are you seriously proposing traffic safety measures along a Manhattan Beach strip?  Beentheredonethat

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  1. There are a lot of near misses on Hampton. They are all caused by drivers on the north-south streets running the stop sign or not carefully looking for cars. 8AM is when the kids are rushing to get to class. I once witnessed an accident at precisely 8AM when someone rushing to class took a turn too fast and crashed into a parked car, then drove away.

    Are you proposing 4-way stop signs at every corner on Hampton? I hope not. The Hampton drivers are cautious. They know to be on guard for speeding cars mainly going south. People just need to obey the existing traffic regulations. New ones won’t help.

  2. It might be just me but every time something is reported in regards to Manhattan Beach a part of me goes “Who cares!” Every time something bad happens that doesn’t involve loss of life, I chuckle slightly.

    Their whole no parking on the street during the summer months, despite every owner having their own driveway, has pissed me off far too many times this year (and many years past). The beach is public and owned by the city, as is CUNY Kingsborough , yet access is limited to the non-summer months or costs $15 per car. If they wanna sit on their high horse and look down their noses at us, screw them

  3. This is absolutely true. I was almost hit two weeks ago.
    I think the issue is that outside MB there is so much stop and go traffiic during peak travel times, that once the driver’s reach MB they are so fustrated thet they drive recklessly. When I drive west on Hampton to drop my daughter off at school, I purposelly slow down at eadh intersection. I usually get the horn from drivers behind me but I do not care. Everyone’s safety is of the utmost importance. Let’s hope that our civic leaders and elected officials could work together to improve safety.

  4. Another really dangerous intersection is Ocean Avenue & Hampton. It is at this point that Hampton is one way to the east & one way to the west. Therefore there is never traffic that can legally cross Hampton Avenue & Ocean Avenue. There ae stop signs @ Ocean & Hampton, but drivers quickly figure out that you really do not have to stop to avoid Hampton Avenue traffic because there isn’t any. Please be EXTRA carefull @ this location

  5. Yesterday I was told about the continued caos @ dismissal and drop off by P.S. 195. I understand there were two near misses. Although this has been a problem for years, we need some concrete solutions to ensure the safety of our children. Let’s hope that our hard working community leaders will be able to make some progress.

  6. The only time you can get into trouble there is if a car or a bicycle is going the wrong way on Hampton. I’ve seen both.

  7. I went up to the bay and saw emergency vehicles. For the Emmons Ave side it looked like a car was on the sidewalk. But, it was raining and I have poor eye sight so don’t quote me.

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