About KensingtonBK

kbk_east4thstreet.jpgKensingtonBK is a neighborhood news site serving the Kensington and Windsor Terrace areas of Brooklyn. We cover the diversity of the neighborhood and the news, issues, events, and businesses that matter to its residents.

Launched in June 2012, KensingtonBK blends original reporting on community news with contributions from neighbors, and we tie it all up by bringing together all the important online information relevant to Kensington and Windsor Terrace residents.

Where we excel is building community — online and off — and that comes by focusing on the needs of all residents. If you have an issue you’d like us to cover, or just want to share an amusing anecdote, get in touch!

KensingtonBK is owned by Corner Media, Inc., a leading publisher of online community news in Brooklyn, with sites that include Bensonhurst BeanDitmas Park CornerFort Greene FocusKensington BKPark Slope StoopSheepshead BitesSouth Slope News, and City Kid Camp.



shannon geis, editor of park slope stoopShannon Geis is the Editor of Ditmas Park Corner and Kensington BK. She has lived in Brooklyn for five years, working as a a freelance reporter and multimedia producer covering neighborhoods across the borough. She recently completed her Master’s degree in Oral History from Columbia University. When she’s not reporting, you can find her reading 20th century fiction, listening to the radio, crocheting hats, or running laps in Prospect Park. If you have a question, tip, photo, or anything else you’d like to share, give her a shout at editor@kensingtonbk.com or 347-829-5978.


mary bakija, managing editor of kensingtonbkMary Bakija is the Managing Editor of Corner Media, overseeing content on a network of local news sites that currently includes seven Brooklyn neighborhoods, as well as a site focused on children and parenting. Mary was previously the editor of the Ditmas Park Corner and the Ditmas Park Blog. You can reach her at mary@cornernewsmedia.com or 347-748-1921.


dina rabiner, director of sales & marketing at corner mediaDina Rabiner is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Corner Media. When you’d like to advertise on any of our sites (Bensonhurst BeanDitmas Park CornerFort Greene FocusKensington BKPark Slope StoopSheepshead BitesSouth Slope NewsCity Kid Camp), please reach out to her by filling out this form. You can also contact her at dina@cornermediagroup.com or 646-228-4151.


liena zagare

Liena Zagare is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Corner Media. Liena has more than eight years of experience bringing neighbors news they care about, and helping local businesses succeed. You can reach her at liena@cornernewsmedia.com or 917-496-5888.



We’re currently growing, and we’d love to add some new writers to our team! If you are passionate about Brooklyn, please get in touch about the possibilities for contributing writer opportunities. If you have a love of your neighborhood, and have a desire to share that love while helping to make your neighborhood a better place for everyone who lives here, join us!


Got a love for your neighborhood and a desire to express it? Looking to build up a portfolio of writing? We’d love to provide a regular forum for your work, and are open to your pitches — however, if you’d just like to get involved, we can help with ideas for pieces. To apply, send an email pitching what you’d like to do and why you’d like to do it, and please include some writing samples, to editor@kensingtonbk.com.

Corner Media is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other classification prescribed by applicable law.


We encourage and appreciate comments from our neighbors and readers on our stories. However, those comments must contribute to a neighborly conversation, and in general they cannot be abusive, contain personal attacks, be inflammatory, or be overly profane. We reserve the right to make the decisions about which comments violate these ground rules, and will moderate the comments at our discretion.