A Look at Our Short Streets


This weekend Forgotten NY took a look at those short, one-way streets off of Coney Island Avenue between Church and Avenue C, as well as some surrounding streets. Why they’re named what they are isn’t revealed (anyone know?), but there are some interesting tidbits about how some of the streets came to be:

In the 1890s Turner and Hinckley Places, which run between East 8th and what was once East 11th, now Stratford Road, were already laid out and partially paved, though no homes had yet been built. Oddly they were laid out to cross busy Coney Island Avenue, which had a trolley route running on it that had been electrified in 1890; its origin was as a horsecar line. The B68 bus is its descendant.

That horsecar line along CIA was eventually the second line to become an electrified streetcar line in the country.

Photo of Lewis Place by thinkerbelle89 on Instagram.

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  1. Hi Mary,
       This photo of Lewis Place betw CIA and Stratford somehow has the houses on Lewis Place reversed.  Looking east, the side of 214 Stratford (with the fence) should be on the left, and the side of 230 Stratford (with the streetlight) on the right.  Thanks.

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