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A Guide To Book Exchange Locations In Park Slope

While most stoops provide a great number of free books in Park Slope, when it rains, those damp reads lose their appeal. Thankfully, there are a lot of wee book houses in the neighborhood now, which not only give you a chance to find something new to read, but they’re a good place to drop off that heavy tome you just finished reading on the subway while you’re walking home. So where can you find them?

Little Free Library at Brooklyn Superhero Supply

A new Little Free Library popped up in front of the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co at 372 5th Avenue recently, and it’s one of the most impressive we’ve seen. It’s even got a solar panel, that, we’re guessing, might actually power something inside (we didn’t see that yet, but are looking forward to it).

Little Free Library Solar Panels

Could be that it’s so fancy because it’s co-sponsored by The Book Thief, a new movie based on the book by Markus Zusak, which was one of the many books that we spotted on its shelves the other day. “Following the example of [The Book Thief character] Liesel Meminger, we want to support literacy, the love of reading, and a creative community by sharing knowledge,” reads a sign on the side.

8th Street Book Exchange

The 8th Street Book Exchange is on 8th between 8th Avenue and Prospect Park West, and we’ve often seen an eclectic combination of books for kids and adults.

Little Free Library on 4th Ave

The Little Free Library on 4th Avenue between Degraw and Sackett definitely has the best paint job in the neighborhood.

Little Free Library on 5th St

And another handsome Little Free Library was recently installed on 5th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

For more info on the Little Free Library, which started in 2009, check out their website, which includes instructions on how to build your own. And if you add one (or if we missed any), let us know where it is in the comments!

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