Update: MTA Says Cortelyou Will Not Open Tomorrow After All


cortelyou road subway platform

Update: The MTA says the southbound Cortelyou Road platform will not actually reopen tomorrow, and that construction crews will be working at Parkside, Cortelyou, and Beverley stations this weekend. They say they will keep us posted on the Parkside and Cortelyou stations, which will likely reopen at the same time.

Earlier: We’ve been getting bits and pieces of information on reopenings of southbound Parkside, Beverley, and Cortelyou subway station platforms since last night. As many neighbors have noted, Beverley has already reopened. Now, here’s the complete statement on what else to expect, via the MTA’s Marisa Baldeo:

The newly refurbished south-bound platform on the Beverly Rd B Q Line station reopened to customers on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, with the first Coney-Island-bound Q train stopping at this station at 4:50 p.m. The newly renovated south-bound platform on the Cortelyou Rd Q Line station is scheduled to reopen on Friday, June 6, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. – a full two weeks ahead of schedule.

As part of a $3.2M component repair project, the south-bound platforms at Cortelyou Rd, Beverly Rd, and Parkside Av were closed in February 2014. Improvements at all three stations include structural steel roof repairs, repairs to staircases, concrete repairs and painting. We are still on schedule to reopen the Parkside Av station in late June 2014.

Keep in mind other subway changes this weekend as well, and stay tuned for updates from the MTA.

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  1. Three stations, two directions, for $3.2 million. That works out to about $533K per platform.

    That seems like a very steep price for the amount of work done, especially when one considers the northbound side didn’t get all the work the MTA mentions above. And, if you look at the southbound side, you’ll note that they didn’t even replace the yellow warning / friction mats.

    A platform overhaul spanning four months and costing $530K should have included replaced (or repaired) flooring, lighting, PA system, and perhaps even a train notification system.

    I think the MTA should produce an itemized statement of work with associated costs.

  2. You’re in luck! I’ve heard that this itemized statement will arrive right after the new Metrocard vending machine at Cortelyou- you know, one that doesn’t require 87 credit card swipes to work, while a Q passes by and the MTA clerk naps?

  3. Every I am waiting at Cortelyou (Manhattan bound) I always noticed a lot of workers not doing much and one guy directing a couple guys. Seems like a lot of wasted man power and poor quality work. Tiles on the Manhattan bound side fell off within weeks from reopening last fall.

  4. I was shocked it didn’t include closing up the ceiling where the pigeons nest on the north bound track. Every time I pre-walk to the front of the train under that area I’m worried some bird will shit on me.

  5. Yeah, one morning I almost snapped a picture of some “worker” NAPPING on the steps leading down to the tracks. Granted, he was ‘napping upright’ but still, it was one of the WTF moments. Isn’t it nice to know that what happens to our tax dollars? Plus these guys are unionized. WHAT CROCK.

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