Southern Brooklyn

A Dog Named Handsome, Comfortable


Did you grow up in the Sheepshead Bay housing projects with A Dog Named Handsome? Do you know who a Dog Named Handsome is? More important than that, were you comfortable? Comfortable? I’m trying to ask if you were comfortable? ANSWER ME!

Uh…excuse me and just check out this music video sent to us by A Dog Named Handsome. The name of the song is “Comfortable.” At first it didn’t make me feel so comfortable, but as it kept playing, I did feel more comfortable. Thanks for sending us your folky adult contemporary song, Mr. Handsome.

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  1. Such a song is greatly appreciated by a guy who every summer goes back to his project in Canarsie (Bayview) because, for some reason he feels “comfortable” hanging around there.
    Thanks for posting this and thank the guy who created it. It strikes home.

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