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A Child Grows in…Chicago: Popular Blogger Moves to Midwest, Sells Site


Sad news from the local blogging world. Karen Connell, the Brooklyn mom who founded A Child Grows in Brooklyn, has moved to Chicago.┬áThis doesn’t necessarily mean the end for A Child Grows, though. Karen is looking to pass the torch on to another enterprising Brooklyn blogger.

“I am selling it all with the hope that there is someone who can take it and continue to provide great local flavor to the community,” she writes.

If you’re interested in buying the blog, its social network handles, the Brooklyn Baby Expo, and more, see her post for full details.

From one mama to another, you have been such an invaluable part of our Brooklyn community, Karen, and will definitely be missed. Best of luck in Chicago!

Will A Child Grows in Brooklyn be the same without its founder? Interested in giving it a shot? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo via A Child Grows in Brooklyn

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