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86th Street Starbucks Temporarily Closed For Renovation

Peaceful starbucks

Fear not, Bensonhurst coffee fiends! Our beloved Starbucks location at 1971 86th Street is only closed temporarily.

Multiple neighbors inquired about the store, which closed on July 24 in order to remodel, according to a company spokesperson.

“We’re hoping to reopen the store later this week,” the Starbucks representative said.

The coffee shop at 86th Street and 20th Avenue — like most Starbuckses — is somehow always packed with young people working on their laptops and is a popular meeting spot in the neighborhood. However, since we are in Bensonhurst, it is also occasionally frequented by pole-wielding lunatics who smash laptops for sport — so watch out!

We are looking forward to seeing the new design. In the meantime, Frappuccino addicts will have to make due with the Starbucks location in Caesar’s Bay Shopping Center and the one at 6423 18th Avenue. If you are simply looking for a quiet place to get work done, you may want to check out Caffe Bene on 18th Avenue and our round up of six more free WiFi hotspots in the neighborhood.

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  1. “Later this week”? Thank goodness. My kids were left adrift without their premium caffeinated beverages this week. Nothing quite like teens without their overpriced double-mocha, caramel, frappu-lama-lama-ding-dong sludgewater.

  2. Thanks for the update! Every time they raise the price I swear I’ll never go back…can’t wait until they reopen!

  3. Everyone hates on Starbucks, but their coffee is the strongest and best tasting…and if you just get a coffee or an iced coffee, and not a mocha-java-caramel-mil-with-sugar, its reasonably priced for the quality.

    $3 for a pretty large coffee is not a bad price nowadays, and you’re getting the best commercial coffee there is out there…

  4. I’ve seen taste tests where McD’s and Dunkin’ both regularly beat Starbucks, so its all subjective. As I commented awhile ago to Kings Mills when he was praising that Kopi Luwak coffee, all coffee tastes like it was excreted by cats, so even free coffee is too expensive.


  5. They are open as of 7:15am today Thursday July 28, 2016! Looks roomier more tables, walls not finished but the joe is a flow(ing)!

  6. For someone who wants a place to sit and do work, or meet up with some individuals, Starbucks and the library seem like the only confab spots. I didn’t realize they closed temporarily, but while I’m usually more of a mom and pop store person, I appreciate the space with tables and chairs to relax.

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