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82-Year-Old Rape Victim’s Son-In-Law Did All He Could To Help

Photo of the Asa Robert provided by the NYPD.
Photo of the Asa Robert provided by the NYPD.

The trial for Asa Roberts, 19, who allegedly broke into an 82-year-old woman’s Brighton Beach home to rob and rape her in 2015, is underway and the victim’s son-in-law offered insight as to how the incident might have taken place.

The son-in-law of the elderly victim, whose identity is being kept under wraps for her protection, describes her as a “neat freak,” who couldn’t help herself but to go out and clean the area in front of her house at all hours of the day or night.

“If she saw a candy wrapper, dirt, a cigarette butt in the front of her house she would go out there and clean it whether it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon or 2 o’clock at night,” said the son-in-law.

He and his wife, the victim’s daughter, kept a close watch on the senior. The night of the horrible attack and rape, the two were at the Brighton Beach home until 7pm, but kept monitoring the mother until 11pm. They worry about her because she has a “mental illness” that drives her to go out and clean the sidewalk or the street — an illness for which she refuses to see a doctor, according to the son-in-law’s testimony in Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday.

The next day he received an Earth-shattering phone call.

“She said a black man was in the house, beat her up and told her not to call the police because he’d kill her family and he had the master keys to all the houses on the block,” said the in-law.

That’s when he called the police, sparking a 4-day-long manhunt to find the vicious attacker.

Roberts described to police how he managed to evade capture for days despite being the target of a massive manhunt in which cops nearly caught Roberts multiple times.

“I hid between the sheetrock and the insulation of the wall. I was watching the warrant squad, the K9 Unit and ESU search for me. I could see them, but they could not see me,” he said of one of his close encounters with law enforcement. “They could not catch me because I do parkour which teaches you how to jump from rooftops of buildings.”

Roberts maintained that while he did rob the women, he let his “friend” in through the back door and left him there with her after he got his loot.

“I did not do it, I let the other guy in the back door, I don’t want to be a snitch, but I was just the lookout. I don’t need nothing like that. I can get girls and I get money, my mother gives me money,” Roberts told police soon after his arrest in mid-July.

City Councilmember Chaim Deutsch, who represents the area where the crime occurred, asked police to charge Robert with a bias crime, noting that the rape took place after the victim reportedly told her attacker she was Jewish.

“I am shocked and disgusted at the heinous and barbaric nature of this crime against an elderly woman,” Deutsch said in a statement.

Roberts faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted of the main charge of predatory sexual assault.

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  1. Why would any 19 year old would want to rape someone who is 82 unless he is a total moron or a psychopath. I guess he would tell his new friends in prison why he did what he did, unless he really wasn’t the only one who was there that night in the apartment. Hard to believe that a black man would hate Jews that much in order to get his message across. My mom lives in black neighborhood, the people respect her there, they always hold the door for her and wait for her to enter and always tell her not to rush and take her time. Something is too fishy about this whole story. Whatever she was raped by him or not, sounds to me like one sick joke. I think there is a reasonable doubt and he should take a lie detector test. Would be a shame if this kid goes to prison for something the crime he didn’t commit. I just hope that the prosecution has all the evidence in order. I’m Jewish myself and I don’t hate black people just because they are black and I don’t love white people, just because they are white. Personally in my humble opinion many colored people are better people then many Russian people( I’m one of them) . They would never hold the door for my mom or even wait for my mom. Sorry if my comment would bother some readers, but I don’t want an innocent person getting punished for rape, just because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time or protecting an identity of another true rapist.

  2. Hey you are a racist period. Many Black people are better then Russian Jews. Really I didn’t know all Russian Jews are alike. That’s why they have a trial not MORANS like you giving their thoughts based on nothing other than a news story. Oh so being 82 he would have to be a MORAN but if she was 22 then it would make sense. REALLY? Again, you are the MORAN Vladimir. You say Black people hold the door for your mother so that means he didn’t do it because he is black. When God forbid it might happen to your Mother lets see how it does not make sense to you. Where in the news story was there anything about hating Black people only about this thug period being charged with a hate crime. By the way Vlad was your mother born here? Why did she come here? How were Jews treated in wonderful Russia that they all come to our wonderful country. Looks like you hate Jews even though you were born Jewish. Your post is Anti Semitic and anti white. Let Justice take its course and let a Jury decide his fate based on the Facts.

  3. How could I be a racist if I said that he should take a lie detector test in order to prove his innocence. To most white older Jewish people most black people look alike. I was held up thirty years ago by two black men while working on upper east side, after going to police precinct and trying to identify by looking at mug shots, I could probably identify at least 20 ( yes to me they all looked the same, so I didn’t pick anyone). Calling me antisemite is illogical just like your comment is illogical. Rape is a serious crime and if there are no witnesses maybe it wasn’t this kid, who did it. So you are the one who jumps to conclusions by calling me names. You are intitled to your own opinion, but next time put a sock in it! Why would I hate white people? I’m just stating the fact, that not every black man is a criminal and not every white man is an angel. Why am I even trying to explain my point to someone like you, who just interprets everything like a moron and passes judgment on everyone without understanding what I was trying to say.

  4. How many hours was he in her house? She claims 5 hours. When you were robbed how long did it take? I think after several hours of being tortured you would be able to correctly identify your attacker. How do you know all black peopke look alike to old Jewish people? Do all people think the same? I didn’t use the word Moran you did in your first post so I just kept using it. How did his fingerprint end up in her house? I would belive a 8o year old any day over a 19 year old.

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