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81-Year-Old Woman Bound & Gagged By Knife-Wielding Burglar Posing As Con Ed Worker

Source: mikey k/flickr
Source: mikey k/flickr

An 81-year-old woman in Coney Island was the victim of a terrifying home invasion Sunday after opening up her home to a burglar posing as a Con Edison employee, the Daily News reports.

The octogenarian, who only speaks Russian, greeted her attacker with cookies and candy — only to end up bound and gagged in her home on Mermaid Avenue near West 24th Street, according to the Daily News.

Police arrested the suspect, Quanisha Hankerson, on Monday afternoon. The Daily News reports she was fingered in a line-up by the woman she duped the day before.

The victim’s son told the Daily News Hankerson threw the cookies and candy to the ground and barged into the home with a knife. She started following her victim around the home, grabbing “anything sparkly, anything electronic,” the son explained.

“My mother thought she was on drugs,” he reportedly said.

When the victim started to scream, Hankerson beat her, tied her up and put tape over her mouth, according to the Daily News. However, The 81-year-old woman managed to escape and ran out of the house to call police.

Hankerson also fled from the residence — with a digital camera, an iPod and gold jewelry, police told the Daily News.

Hankerson faces first-degree robbery charges. Her victim suffered hematoma on her body and is still in pain, the Daily News reports.