Ditmas Park

7-Eleven Comes to Ditmas Park


Looks like Ditmas Park is going to get a 7-Eleven at 547 Coney Island Avenue, on the corner of Beverley Road in the former auto parts shop that has been for rent for a long time. Tipster Dan notes that the chain has filed for permits to open a store there in May 2013 (so we’ll be able to enjoy free Slurpees next July), and has it listed as available for franchising. Applications have been filed with the Department of Buildings for an interior remodel of the space, and to erect an illuminated sign on the structure (so enjoy the old sign while you can).

With the number of delis, bodegas, convenience stores, whatever you call them in the area – including one diagonally across the street from this spot – do you think this is a good use of this space?

Photo: Google Maps

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  1. Hey – at least it won’t be a vacant lot. But not super excited to a convenience store since we have quite a few. But I think they will do well there with all the taxi drivers hanging around and buying snacks.

  2. I wonder if fast food places should not be required to have licences the way bars are – especially if tehy want to be located within 500 feet of a school. Isn’t the new k-8 school to be built across the street from it? It will be totally surrounded by drive through food. ugh.

  3. NO! Too many bodegas in that area already. A nice sandwich shop would be way better (not a chain like subway, but something casual with healthful options).

  4. Poor guy living next door! When it was a dry cleaner and then an auto parts store it was closed at night. We’ll see what troubles a a 7 11 brings in the way of calls to 911.

  5. On CIA? What, it will sully the pristine sidewalks already blocked by body shops? DP needs services as well as the niceties.

  6. Oh Sweet! Maybe the nice drug dealers will relocate from in front of my apartment to that corner! Open all night!

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