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620 on Caton Pizzeria Is for Sale


620 on Caton Pizzeria

Want to run a pizzeria? If so, 620 on Caton, which is currently for sale, might be a great opportunity. Located on Caton between E 7th and Ocean Parkway, it’s right across the street from the school that’s being constructed, which could mean high after-school traffic, and it’s one of the few restaurants in a several-block radius.

According to this ad on Craigslist, the owners:

…are absentee owners and dedicate most all of our time to our other businesses. The trusted manager we had on-premises moved to another profession and the management changes have proven to be overwhelming to our other interests.

They suggest the future owners might want to start a breakfast service, which, with delivery, could be a nice addition to the neighborhood.

Though there are a few other pizza delivery options in Kensington, 620 has always been one of the higher ranked spots. How do you think it’s been recently, and how could it improve? Or do you like another pizza place better?

Photo via Craigstlist

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