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61st Pct Captain Makes House Calls, Cleans Up Hood

Anti-graffiti vehicles cleaned up East 19th street, previously a haven for vandalism

Remember a few weeks ago, when we told you how a resident of East 19th Street chided 61st Precinct’s Captain Georgios Mastrokostas? At the time, the resident complained that her concerns about graffiti and drugs had been blown off.

The resident sings a different tune these days.

“They’re totally spoiling the heck out of me,” she said. “I told [Mastrokostas], ‘Lord, I want to hug you.'”

We’ve written about that block – East 19th Street between Avenue W and Avenue X – before, calling it a haven for graffiti and drug dealing due to poor lighting and relatively minimal traffic.

But according to the resident, things are different now. Just a day after the 61st Precinct Community Council meeting on March 10, Mastrokostas and two officers paid her a visit and walked around the area. She pointed out the graffiti and relayed her tales of finding drugs in the street.

This week, anti-graffiti vehicles were on the block scrubbing away the eyesores – some of which has been there for years. Mastrokostas also called the resident this week to tell her personally that they made a pair of narcotic arrests in the area, including one for crack possession in which the perp also had a gun.

“It’s nice that [Mastrokostas is] getting personally involved in all these things,” she said.

Here are a couple of shots of the recently cleaned up block, taken by reader nolastname:

The owner of the garage, Ricardo (on the motorcycle), told nolastname he's very grateful for the 61st Precinct's effort


According to nolastname, the apartment building is the only thing left to be cleaned
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  1. Sometimes getting involved makes one feel as if they are banging their head against the wall. But perseverance does pay off. The proof is in these photos.

  2. Call 311. Get the reference number, and then call Councilman Nelson's office and give him the reference number. Then call the community board and give them the reference number as well. It'll be gone rather quickly if you do that.

  3. I lived in that building for 36 will never be cleaned if it's left up to the landlord.He's let it becomer a slum ,complete with mice,rats and bedbugs.

  4. Arthur, when you are in the area can we get a pic of the mess now? You helped a lot in the past with the problem. 

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