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60th Precinct Crime Blotter: Boyfriend Tells Girlfriend To Stab Him, Man Cuffed For Throwing Tantrum

(Photo: mikey k / flickr)
(Photo: mikey k / flickr)

This is a blotter of this past week’s crime in the 60th Precinct, which includes Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and Gravesend. We’ve divided the crimes up by type: robbery, assault, burglary, and larceny.

For those who aren’t familiar with the police jargon, robbery is different than burglary in that burglary means breaking into a place where you’re not supposed to be to steal something. Robbery involves using force or fear to steal something directly from someone.

Let’s start with the robberies from last week:

Stealing Treats from a Child

A low-life pulled a 12-year-old girl into an alley near 2834 Stillwell Avenue, punched her in the face, and said, “give me all of your s**t.” The terrified child gave him what she had: a cupcake, some cilantro, and $3 in cash.

This happened at around 3:40pm on Monday, November 21. Police are still looking for the thief.


On Tuesday, November 22, at around 3:30pm, a man was surrounded by approximately 10 other men who knocked him to the ground and kicked him. They laughed at him and called him a faggot, but the victim said it wasn’t a hate crime.

They took his cell phone, and when he got home he realized his wallet was also missing. The wallet contained $90 in cash, a credit card, and a MetroCard, according to police.

Work Hazzard

On Saturday, November 26, at around 8:30am, a 22-year-old female was going to work as a home attendant in 2820 Ocean Pkwy, when a man cornered her in the vestibule of the building. The man forcibly took her purse, ripping her jacket in the process.

The purse contained $18, a credit card, and her home attendant ID, according to police.

Moving onto assaults.

Lashing Out

On Saturday, November 26, at around 3:45pm in the Marlboro Houses on Avenue V, a 30-year-old woman attacked her boyfriend and destroyed a lot of his property, according to police.

She strangled him with her bare hands, leaving scratches on his neck. She also punched him in the back of the head and threatened him with a fork. She also broke two of his computers, valued at $2,000; an Apple computer valued at $2,500; a keyboard valued at $160; and a television valued at $500, according to police.

Boyfriend From Hell

On Sunday, November 20, at around 8pm, a couple got into an argument in an apartment on W 23 Street between Neptune and Mermaid Avenues. The boyfriend, 21, hit his girlfriend, 19, across the face with an open hand multiple times. It escalated from there.

He choked her with his hands, put a kitchen knife to her neck and told her to take it out of his hand and stab him with it. She didn’t. He then hit her numerous times in the buttocks with a belt, according to police. He even shoved his hands in her mouth, causing her to have an asthma attack.

To make matters worse, if it could get much worse, he held her hostage in the apartment until the following morning.

Close Call

A 50-year-old man got into a verbal argument with another man outside of his house at 2847 W 15 St. The unknown perp took out a gun and shot at the man, but, thankfully, he missed and ran away.

The incident happened on Wednesday, November 23, according to police.

Due Diligence

On Saturday, November 26, at around 6am, a man entered an apartment building at 7131 W 23 St, ran into a resident there who escorted him to the apartment the man claimed to live in, 11R, to make sure he actually lives there.

When they got to the apartment, the resident living there claimed to not know the perp. The man then tried to escort the man out of the building but he threw a tantrum. Police cuffed the man who was kicking and screaming. While cuffed, he kicked the police officer in the leg numerous times.

Parental Dispute Turned Assault

On Saturday, November 26, at around 1am in the Marlboro Houses, a man, 22, returned his child to the mother’s residence after spending time with the child — which the mother allowed for. After the child was returned the mother, 23, noticed the diaper bag was missing.

She went back outside and began a verbal dispute with the father. It escalated, and he choked her to the ground. While choking her, he slammed her face into a wall. According to police, she almost lost consciousness.

No Refunds

On Sunday, November 27, at around 2:30am, at the 7-11 at 708 Brighton Beach Ave, a man threw a beverage bottle at the employee, causing pain in the lower back.

That’s not what shopping carts are for

On Sunday, November 27, at around 11am, three perps entered the 99 cent store at 3014 Mermaid Ave and threw a shopping cart at a man in the store. The victim’s lip was cut due to the assault. He was taken to Coney Island Hospital for stitches.


The Laboratory, Robbed

A sneaky thief picked the lock on the front door of The Laboratory, a medical lab at 3047 Brighton 6 Ct at around 6:30pm on Wednesday, November 23.

They got into the lab and stole an unknown amount of electronics, according to police.

Grand Larceny:

Child Thieves

A 58-year-old man was waiting for the train at Stillwell and Surf Avenues at 9:30am on Wednesday, November 23, when two children, aged 11- and 14-years-old, took his cell phone from his back pocket.

The two perps were identified, but we won’t disclose that information due to their age.

Act Naturally

A man in his forties stole wire cable valued at $1,317.16 from the Home Depot at 2970 Cropsey Ave by casually putting it in his shopping cart and walking passed multiple points of sales, according to police.

The incident took place on Sunday, November 27.

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