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Don’t Forget To Vote On Participatory Budgeting! PBNYC Week Is March 26-April 3

Source: PBNYC.org
Source: PBNYC.org

In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to vote for projects involving schools, libraries, parks, streets, and other shared spaces throughout the neighborhood. Between Saturday, March 26 – Sunday, April 3, you and your neighbors will be able to choose which projects will be funded.

Courtesy of Councilman Treyger's Office
Courtesy of Councilman Treyger’s Office

In our area, Councilman David Greenfield (District 44) and Councilman Mark Treyger (District 47) are participating in the initiative.

Here are the simple steps for the process:

  1. Find out which City Council district you are living in.
  2. Click here to see a map for your City Council district showing all the proposed PB projects in your area.
  3. Vote! View this link for the many voting areas in Treyger’s District. Click here to find out where to vote in Greenfield’s District.

Keep in mind that any resident of the district age 14 and older – even if you are not a registered voter – can take part in the process. All you need is an ID, a utility bill, or some other document stating your name and address.

The ballot includes many neighborhood projects, including:

Coney Island Street Repairs ($400,000)
Three “mobile studios” – small, mobile workplaces – for artists and community organizations that will enliven underused areas and engage the public on local issues like displacement, environment and resiliency.

Security Cameras in Bensonhurst ($200,000)
Install eight police monitored Argus cameras to deter crime in vulnerable public areas.

Technology Upgrades in Public Schools ($200,000)
Technology upgrades in P.S. 212, P.S. 216, P.S. 97 and P.S. 188.

Surf Playground Upgrades ($300,000)
The funds will be used to reconstruct two full basketball courts at Coney Island’s Surf Playground.

Security Enhancement at Mapleton Library ($200,000)
Upgrade and enhance security features at Mapleton Library!

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