27-Year-Old Man Killed In Hit & Run On 3rd Avenue


A 27-year-old man is dead after a hit and run on 3rd Avenue near 7th Street on Saturday morning.

Police say that at about 7:30am on May 10, Felipe Castro of Sunset Park was standing in the marked bicycle lane when a car, traveling southbound on 3rd Ave approaching 7th St, struck the back of another car and Castro, hitting him with enough force to throw him into the rear window of a parked car. The driver of the first car then struck another parked car and fled the scene.

EMS responded and transported Castro to Methodist Hospital, where he was pronounced dead from his injuries.

The Daily News says that Castro was a beloved auto mechanic who had been repairing a car at the time of the incident.

The paper also notes that a witness managed to get the car’s license plate number, and it turns out to be a rental. Police say the investigation is ongoing, and that they are still looking for the driver.

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  1. Very sorry to hear about this unnecessary and tragic death. That is one of many dangerous intersections in NYC, and people drive too quickly and recklessly along 3rd avenue.

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