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1191 Ocean Avenue Sold For $2.25 Million, Seven-Story Building Planned For Site


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You can say goodbye to a small, wooden house from the turn-of-the-20th century at 1191 Ocean Avenue – it has sold for $2.25 million, and now there are approved development plans to raze the home and replace it with a seven-story, 26-unit building, Brownstoner reports.

Situated between Farragut and Glenwood, the 42.5-by-110-foot site is right by The Waterfalls On Ocean – a 65-unit condominium building at 1130 Ocean Avenue. The lot was on the market for less than four months and sold for $300,000 more than the asking price, Brownstoner reported.

TerraCRG, which brokered the sale, has published a schematic for the location on its website.

Photo via Google Maps.

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  1. That’s kinda sad, but clearly all hope was lost for that house the minute they built those big buildings right next to it. At least the owner got some good money, but I reckon if the owners of both houses had joined forces and sold both plots, they would have gotten a ton more.

  2. Not that I’m picking nits, but…..1191 would be across the street and down the block (a bit) from Waterfalls.

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